Project Description

Risk on the Eastern Markets

The developing markets offer great chances for the company growth, however they characterize with lower predictability than fully developed economics. Often legal changes generate particular regulation risk for business. The bonds between politics and market could create the reputation risk and political stability fluctuations could cause the nonadjacent political risk. Our support helps to minimize these risks during the business expansion.

Risk Analysis for Exporters

An offer for companies exporting to the developing markets, focused on legal, monetary and reputations risks monitoring, in short or medium time horizon.

Risk Analysis for Investors

An offer including medium and long time horizon, focused on economic growth perspectives and market stability, considering both micro and macro factors.

Comparative Analysis

An offer for the Clients considering the expansion. The comparison of situation on chosen markets, including the specified factors and local data.

Risk Analysis for NGOs and Media

An offer for journalists, reporters, activists and NGOs’ members, including the analysis of personal security, political stability, travel issues under the circumstances of military or terroristic activity, difficult social situation etc.

East Analytics Experience

Our risk analyses are created by the team of experienced experts, who traveled to researched regions, conducted their academic research in the field or live and work there. Our main advantage is the practical knowledge, use of the local languages and the use of innovative forecast models. We work in seven Asian and four European languages, and our evaluations include over 100 factors, indicating the economic and political situation of analyzed region.

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