Project Description

Market Entrance Strategies

Market Analysis

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the market’s potential and the perspective of its development. We offer the support on every stage of exporting process. With our juridical partners we analyze the legal situation on the target market to optimize the Clients’ business.

Competitive Research

We identify the Clients’ situation comparing to local and global companies from the branch, considering the competitors’ offer, cultural context and economic specifics of the local consumers. We recommend the solutions giving an advantage in the particular business niche. On the request we offer qualitative methods like focus groups or CAWI/CATI research to precisely identify the consumers’ needs.

Local Web Marketing

We propose the wide spectrum of supportive instruments, from the marketing to distribution. We focus on branding via internet marketing in local languages, localization of the website and SEO/SEM services.

Export Development Planning

Our export plans base on the precise and current information, to ensure that our Clients would not be unpleasantly surprised. Thanks to our academic experience, owned databases and local sources of information we could offer exact plans to help in the export process and to ease the support receiving from the public institutions, both European and local.

The industries we collaborate with:

What can help you succeed on the Asian and Middle Eastern markets


Experience in the international trade

Competetive product

Having support for your foreign expansion