Project Description

International Expertise of a Company

Conducting of international business requires the education and upskill of two key expertise fields of an organization: the communication and the decision making. We understand these factors as the ability to gather and process the data from the international business environment and to decide on the basis of this knowledge. East Analytics helps to build those traits during our trainings, the headhunting and translations. We help to decide for the best of our Clients’ organizations, to estimate the chances and risks realistically and to efficiently communicate on the markets of Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Three fields of expertise developement

What we can help you with

We support our clients to increase their expertise and help with foreign expansion. We offer training and consulting services, which help with entering new fields, sectors and markets. Our local sources of information can give our clients new persectives and opportunities. We focus on building their communication skills, so that they can manage the markets which are full of opportunities and challenges alike.