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Recent findings from the report: ‘Mobile App Market in Japan’

93% Japanese population that uses the Internet 68% Japanese population that uses LINE, the most popular messaging app 2,56 Number of apps downloaded in Japan in 2021 (in billions) GROWTH OF THE E-HEALTH SEGMENT IN THE MOBILE APP MARKET IN JAPAN (PROGNOSIS, 13% CAGR) Market overview Report on the challenges on opportunities for the European SMEs on the …
Tourism in Japan

Basic findings from the report ‘Recent Evolution of Japanese Outbound Tourism and Recommendations for EU SMEs’

20 mln Number of the Japanese oversea tourists in 2019 34% Percentage of the Japanese responders, who chose France as their dream destination in the public opinion survey 1,5 bln The number of the registered international tourists all around the globe in 2019 NUMBERS OF THE JAPANESE OVERSEA TOURISTS FROM 1990 TO 2019 Japanese tourist in Europe Report …
Smart Mobility in Japan

Basic findings from the report ‘Smart Mobility Market in Japan and Opportunities for EU SMEs’

90% Japanese population living in urban areas 61 bn$ Estimated growth of the Smart Mobility market in Japan till 2030 3 Japan in the ranking of the largest IT markets in the world ESTIMATED MARKET GROWTH Smart Mobility market in Japan – overview Smart Mobility and Future Transportation solutions are on …
Japońska strategia wodorowa

Hydrogen market profile in Japan

300 thousands of tons of the estimated produced hydrogen in Japan 90% how much the cost is going to be reduced in 2030 compared to 2020 Estimate on how self-reliant Japan is and will be in terms of energy Hydrogen society in Japan The discussion on the renewable sources of energy all …

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