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East Analytics is a consulting company, created by people fascinated by business development in the international environment. We research and inquire social phenomena, political processes and the dynamics of the economy in the Middle East, Eastern, Central and South Asia, as well as in Eastern Europe. for years.

In the result of our academic and commercial studies we have collected not only the knowledge and experience, but also established the priceless network of experts in Europe and Asia, who increase our abilities of proper evaluation of gathered data. We offer a helping hand to our Clients, giving them know-how and real time support in the process of entering to the Asian markets.

Our expertise

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East Analytics Trivia

We help in the international development of companies by providing the expert knowledge, inspiration and support in export to Eastern markets.

We have accomplished more than 120 various projects for private companies and public institutions. See the case studies for more.

The Eastern Markets

We collect and analyse data concerning developing and fully-developed markets from North Africa, to Russia, to Japan. Our experts know local economic and political dependencies, as well as the social and cultural context necessary to understand the whole picture and do business in a particular country. We use slightly modified academic standards of research. Thanks to our scientific background our realisations are able to broaden our Clients’ knowledge, lower the risk and build a strong, competitive position.

Our Team

Piotr Fudała, PhD
Piotr Fudała, PhDCo-founder, the consulting director
Oriental studies expert, political risk analyst, academic teacher specialised in business advisory on Eastern markets. Speaks five languages. In East Analytics responsible for consulting projects and key Clients service.
Kamila Junik-Łuniewska, PhD
Kamila Junik-Łuniewska, PhDSenior researcher
Academic teacher, sworn translator of Urdu and Hindi languages. Joints the scientific knowledge and experience in business support for Indian and Pakistani markets. Works at the Jagiellonian University.
Agnieszka Pawnik
Agnieszka PawnikJunior analyst
Japan studies graduate, scholarship winner of Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) and JASSO. In East Analytics responsible for Far East markets analysis.
Filip Gąska
Filip GąskaDevelopment specialist
Experienced business developer, collaborated on operational and marketing projects for renowned companies and start-ups. Graduate of European Economic Relations in London School of Economics. In East Analytics responsible for Business Development and key Customers support. Speaks four languages.

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